Star Me Up

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the key reasons we chose Globant was due to their appreciation of the Small Footprint culture. Globant’s focus on culture led to their development of a tool called Star Me Up. This tool provides a simple mechanism to allow colleagues to recognize each other within the company. The really interesting part is that recognition is based on Globant’s core values. Rather than just a simple, “you did good,” it’s actually, “you’re a shining example of this core value of the company.”

I’ve given quite a few stars so far, and received a few too. People seem to really Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 11.17.36 AMappreciate receiving them and I certainly get excited when someone recognizes me. The platform has become so popular at Globant that some innovative thinkers thought our customers might benefit too. They weren’t wrong. So far several have introduced the tool into their organizations and are seeing the same great results. If fact, the data that it’s generating such as engagement trends is giving great insights into the health of the organization. Check out Martin Migoya’s take on it in this Fast Company article.

At Small Footprint we prided ourselves in having an impact on our customers culture. Globant has done the same and with Star Me Up is taking the idea to the next level.

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