Does #Apple Like #HomeBridge?

homekit-logo-100707188-large.jpgSo I was thinking about the fact that HomeBridge hasn’t been updated in a long time. In that time, Apple has had numerous updates to all of their platforms. My Homebridge just keeps on working. Do you think Apple likes HomeBridge and they’re intentionally playing well with others? Or is it just dumb luck? I know for me, I find myself using Siri a heck of a lot more than the Alexa scattered around my house. I gotta think Apple likes this and therefore doesn’t muck about with Homebridge.

What do you think? I’ve posted the question at the Reddit r/homebridge subreddit.

Oh, and if I’ve peeked your curiosity about HomeBridge, it’s a platform for adding pretty much anything home automation-wise to the Apple HomeKit platform. My Smart Cave wrote a great tutorial on how to get started.

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