Where I Am Now

I was first introduced to Small Footprint and founder Richard Starets in 2008 as a customer. The experience was so positive that I bought a stake in the company in 2009 after being laid off in the recession. Although my title was now CTO, as an owner I wore every hat from solutions architect to sales and … Continue reading Where I Am Now

Star Me Up

As I've mentioned before, one of the key reasons we chose Globant was due to their appreciation of the Small Footprint culture. Globant's focus on culture led to their development of a tool called Star Me Up. This tool provides a simple mechanism to allow colleagues to recognize each other within the company. The really … Continue reading Star Me Up

2019 Trends Part 2: Technology Impacting Culture and Society

Last week I stuck to technology and how our approach is changing to build the best software experiences we’ve ever built. This week I’m changing gears a little to talk about culture, a subject you know I’m passionate about. More so, I’ll talk about how we as software technology professionals can impact society on the … Continue reading 2019 Trends Part 2: Technology Impacting Culture and Society